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Sakara Ross King Photoshoot – [EF Stamp of Approval]

It’s been a minute since we bestowed the honor of the EF Stamp of Approval upon an intelligent, lovely, classy and sexy young lady around these parts (again…it’s a process) and we always take our time when choosing the woman to give this title to.  This time, model Sakara Ross gets “The Stamp”.

She’s worked with some of the industry’s best.  Providing classic southern beauty and a confident demeanor that helped magazines disappear from the newsstands.  Sakara Nicole Ross is from Nacogdoches, Texas; she is track and field meets beauty pageants and talent shows.  She currently lives in Houston while diligently balancing her modeling career and studies at the University of Houston where she also joined the champion track and field team.  She also travels between Houston and Los Angeles finishing school, reading a host of scripts and gearing up for her first Hollywood debut. Stay tuned for more information and updates on the beautiful Ms. Sakara Ross, for now check out some shots and video from her shoot with King Magazine for their latest issue.  Check it out after the jump, Read more…


Melyssa Ford Photoshoot – [EF Stamp of Approval]


Ok, so I know we’ve been sleepin’ on the EF model of the month…I know this.  There is another model we had all picked out for this month, but we couldn’t find any video footage that shows her personality and not just her @ss on her.  So, we talked about who was the “prototype” of models that we like to see, who has the brains, body, personality and sophistication to make you want to wife her…and in unison we said – Melyssa Ford!!!  Read more…

Ajia Nicole’s Model Mayhem Photoshoot – [EF Stamp of Approval]

Halle 2.0???


We heard your inquiries (Where’s the EF model for this month?  Who is she?) and text messages (ok, dad…as promised) and we understand, but we can’t just pick any booty model to grace the site of the almighty EF…this sh*t takes time and research.  We try to give you more than @ss a pretty face, we TRY to get some substance along with it…sorta like veggies with your entrée. Read more…

Va$htie Kola’s Honey Magazine Photoshoot – [EF Stamp of Approval]

Beauty and Brains

It’s that time again to highlight the beautiful women we lust after who get the official EF Stamp of Approval and this month’s post is the intelligent, artful and sexy Vashtie KolaVashtie is a woman who wears many hats, from video directing and fashion designer to party promoter and stylist.  Definitely the kind of woman that piques the interest of the EF staff and through the research I’ve done on her, she also shares my love for the Jordan III…how cool is that! 

Anyway, peep the interview below to find out more on this brainy beauty and her upcoming projects.

A little fun fact – she dated one of our favorite culture icons, Skateboard P for five years.  She also directed a funny short with Kid Cudi called “When Lines are Crossed” while working on his video for “Heaven at Night“.

…smarty, art chicks rule.

Ak$hone – The Tennessee Volunteer

Bria Myles Photoshoot – [EF Stamp of Approval]

The Chocolate Girl Wonder

Well, once again it’s time to give out the EF Stamp of Approval and this month is none other than the “Chocolate Girl Wonder” herself – Bria Myles.

I really can’t say enough about this woman.  Face of an angel, more curves than a F-1 race track and a smile that can lighten up the darkest corners of the earth.
She was born and raised in Los Angeles (I would’ve bet my official DJ AM’s Dunk Sneakers that she was from the southern regions of these United States) and has been seen in various music and fitness videos.
She was also linked to a certain rapper from Canada, but he won’t love you like I do that’s just a rumor.
Anyway, here’s to you Bria, you are the ultimate screensaver for your fans here at EF.
…she tight.  Check out the King Magazine shoot below, too.

Read more…

Rosa Acosta – Supreme Photoshoot [EF Stamp of Approval]


I ain't no killa, but don't push me...

Now, there are women that cause a bit of heighten interest and then there are women like Rosa Acosta, who cause an uproar in my pants the male species.  We here at EF will focus on them from time to time.  This woman…is a work of art.  I’ll start first with the short stature, the petitness, the accent, the fitness, the face and those two big, luscious, brown…eyes.  I could go on and on like Badu, but here’s to you Rosa Acosta.  You get the EF Stamp of Approval and we don’t just give these out to sub-par chicks just anybody.

Bryceness – Mr. Not-So-Nice-Guy