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Bape Shark Laptop Sleeve

The Bape Shark design remains to be one of the most hyped to be ever created by NIGO and his brand. This week Bape released the new Bape Shark Laptop Sleeves. They come in black, red and camouflage, featuring the same trademark design and applications as the hoodies that made the design famous. [via]

Gucci Mens Embossed Leather Billfold Wallet

Gucci is universally renowned for its luxurious aesthetic, and this embossed leather wallet is a sleek way to introduce it to your everyday style arsenal. The signature green and red stripe on the elastic fastening makes for a striking focal point. [via]

Double iPhone/iPod Wallet

We came across this and thought it was pretty cool for those of us who have multiple gadgets, needs compartments for them and still need the contraption to look fly.  Etsy artist Miller Goods creates this hand-cut/hand-stitched 8 oz. walnut leather wallet.  You can grab one HERE.

The Brooklyn Circus Harris Tweed Scarves

The Brooklyn Circus continues their reign in classic but modern fashion staples and accessories.  They recently released the Harris Tweed scarfs ($65). The scarves come in three distinct colors: Green Pick, Check pattern and Denogal.  Fresh for the winter of 2012, these scarves are sure to compliment your wardrobe.  It’s a wrap!!!

XBox Controller Cufflinks

Well, it’s a new year and with every new year comes a new age for all of us…yep we’re all growing up.  Sometimes though, we want to hold on to things of our youth as we turn into grown-ass-men and nothing says manchild like these cool XBox cufflinks for when you still want to non-verbally say, “Yeah, I’mma gamer, but I’m also here for business…b*tch!”.   These mini XBox controllers are priced at $18.00 and can be copped HERE.

Mr. Bathing Ape Pocket Squares

Mr. Bathing Ape consistently pushes the envelope when it comes to mens fashion and accessories.  With an array of designs concealed in a slim scope of standard mens fashion essentials, MBA puts their spin on the monotonous look of the pocket square.  The 100% silk hankies come in a few colors: Classic BAPE Camo (Green, Blue & Pink) and if you’re more on the reserved and understated side, they offer Black and White hankies with a camo pattern. You can snag’em HERE.

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Bape/Porter 1st Camo Camera Bag

As part of their new Holiday 2011 collaboration, A Bathing Ape and Porter present the 1st Camo Camera Bag. The mid-size shoulder bag is made for you to carry and protect your DSLR camera, extra lenses and all accessories. It comes in two versions of the iconic Bape 1st camo design and is now available from Bape Stores. [via]

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