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André 3000 Benjamin Talks Style

André 3000, one-half of the Grammy award-winning Hip-Hop duo, Outkast talks about what styles means to him.  This is a part of Gillette’s Masters of Style series that features André, Adrien Brody and Gael Garcia Bernal.  We’re still waiting on that solo release, Dre…


GQ Presents Classic Suits With Dunk-tactular Twist: NBA Edition

Aren’t we all glad that the NBA is back??!!!  Lighting fast crossovers, rainbow three-pointers, spastic rejections and how can we ever forget the dunks!  Well, in celebration of the NBA’s return and those fantastic dunks, GQ Magazine has featured today’s slam dunk svengalis in classic suits with a twist of color to spruce up the aesthetic.  Blake Griffin, Russell Westbrook, Andre Iguodala, JaVale McGee and Shannon Brown get suited up for the court.

Dwyane Wade Talks Suits and Fashion With GQ Magazine

Miami Heat all-star, Dwyane Wade does a fashion feature photoshoot for GQ Magazine for its November 2011 issue.  Flash models his favorite suits and talks fashion, style maturity and speaks on who his fashion adversaries are.

The Brooklyn Circus Celebrates Their 3rd Anniversary For BKc San Francisco

Fashion house, The Brooklyn Circus celebrated the 3rd year of their San Francisco establishment with a block party last month and documented this with footage of the party and an interview with the guys behind the brand.  Refined, modern and clean BKc exemplifies why they’ll be around for 100 years.  Check it out after the jump, Read more…

Good Wood NYC & STALLEY – The Gentlemen’s Brush

Finding the correct brush to keep those waves in order is a task that many men find challenging. A battle between soft or hard bristles is what it really boils down to and more often than not, the soft bristles usually win. The “Gentlemen’s” Brush, a collaboration between Ohio rapper STALLEY and natural wood purveyors Good Wood NYC, is available in both comfort zones, so no matter which you prefer, you can keep the 360′s in check. The brush’s hard wood decor comes engraved with STALLEY’s silhouette as well as Good Wood branding on the front. Available here for a cool $25(USD). [via]

Mr. Bathing Ape 2011 Summer Lookbook

A Bathing Ape brings us a look at some of the new items from the summer collection of Nigo’s off-shoot brand, Mr. Bathing Ape. To help model this seasons range, NIGO turned to the staff of the flagship United Arrows store in Harajuku, Tokyo. United Arrows is the exclusive retailer of the Mr. Bathing Ape range. The season itself sticks closely to what we have previously seen from Mr. Bathing Ape, with 3-piece suits and camo ties featuring throughout. We also get a sneak peek at the more casual side of the collection which includes a range of T-shirts and denim.  [via] Take a look at the collection after the jump, Read more…

Dr. Cornel West on Clothing & Style

Famed public intellectual and Princeton University professor (and one of my personal heroes) Dr. Cornel West, discusses the relationship between clothing and style in a 4 part exclusive interview with Prepidemic Magazine.  Check out the rest of the interview after the jump, Read more…