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“The Wonder Year” Screening in Toronto, Canada

On August 28th, 2011, Director Kenneth Price and LRG presented the Canadian Premiere of “The Wonder Year”, a year in the life of Grammy Award Producer, 9th Wonder at the Royal Theatre in Toronto.

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J. Cole – Cole Summer [Episode 2]

With the impeding release of Cole World: The Sideline Story dropping September 27th, J. Cole releases the second installment of his vlog series, “Cole Summer” episode 2.  Check it out.

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Watch The Throne – The Documentary

Hip-Hop titans Jay-Z & Kanye West have released a mini-documentary for the making of “Watch The Thrown” a full-length collaboration album  between the two that was recorded in the US and Australia.  The album is slated for release on August 1st, 2011 and with the release of “H.A.M.” and “Otis“, this sounds like it will be the most anticipated album of the year and definitely a classic.  Hit the jump to watch it. Read more…

Is Getting A College Education Just A Huge Hustle???

The National Inflation Association just released the most comprehensive documentary ever produced about higher education in the United States called ‘College Conspiracy’ that exposes the facts and truths about America’s college education system and how it’s a hustle that turns vulnerable young Americans into debt slaves for life. [via]

* This is a pretty interesting documentary with VERY valid points.  Let me say this, in absolutely NO WAY are we against ANYBODY achieving a higher education and doing what you have to do and the debt you have to amass in attaining your educational and occupational goals.  This was purely posted for those who are inquisitive and look at their financial return on investment.  We both are graduates of higher learning, but sometimes you do wonder about the psychological, financial and physiological ramifications of attaining an education.  What do you think?

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The Journey of Mr. Rager [The KiD CuDi Documentary]

This is the full-length Documentary, The Journey of Mr. Rager directed shot and edited by Jason Goldwatch. It was released in 2010 in conjunction with Kid CuDi’s sophomore release Man On The Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager.  Check out the 20 minute documentary after the jump, Read more…

ESPN’s Outside The Lines Presents: Shaq & B.I.G.

In 1993, Shaquille O’Neal was a 22-year-old NBA star who recorded a track with another famous 22-year-old, rapper Notorious B.I.G. The two became friends and remained close up until Biggie’s murder on March 8, 1997. That night, O’Neal planned to meet Biggie and Sean “Puffy” Combs at a party, but fell asleep. Nearly 18 years later, Colleen Dominguez talks with O’Neal and Combs about that tragic night.  Hit the jump to check out the mini-documentary. Read more…

Wale Presents “No Days Off” [The Documentary]

Wale documents his tour going through Atlanta, GA.  Follow him as he tours Clark-Atlanta University, a local tatoo parlor, fan signings, ticket giveaways, behind the scenes concert footage and administration confrontation.

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