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Playtime Through The Eyes of Boys…

This is cool and disturbing at the same time, lol.  I guess being raised on video games and action hero movies has an effect on our imaginations.

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Time & Space: Mister Cartoon’s Tokyo Tattoo Tour

West-coast iconic tattoo artist, Mister Cartoon takes his globally respected artistry over to the land of the rising sun, Tokyo, Japan.  Cartoon takes in the culture, the people, the food, the customs and the true history of Japanese tattooing.  Very interesting…check it out after the jump. Read more…

XXL Improv Theater: Eye Candy Edition with Rosa Acosta

Rosa Acosta flaunts her acting chops with the help of XXL Magazine‘s Lifestyle Editor, Adam Fleischer in : “Guy Watches Football…But Wife Wants Attention”.  Check it out.

You KNOW a woman is bad when she’s STILL fine and her hair isn’t done.  I’m just sayin’…

Bryceness – Mr. Not-So-Nice Guy

Playboy & TRON: Legacy “Game On” Photo Shoot

With the upcoming release of Tron: Legacy, Playboy materialized this new TRON-inspired pictorial. Featuring 2 of the hottest Playmates, Sasckya Porto of Brazil and Russia’s own Irina Voronina, each with nothing on but strategic tabs of body paint. A few enhancements by photographer Jared Ryder, illustrator Nigel Evan Dennis, and TRON Lightcycle mock-up by Parker Brothers Choppers.  [via] Check out the rest of the (NSFW) shots after the jump, Read more…

World’s Most Expensive Car Wash

What’s the most you’ve ever spent at a car wash? It’s probably nowhere near $10,000! Gurcharn Sahota of Elite Detailing is offering a one of a kind package for some of the world’s most expensive supercars. Sahota has a 4 step process to keep the interior and exterior of your car in pristine condition.

The process starts off with an all-out wash using pH neutral shampoo and citrus degreaser, as well as clay bars to remove tarry substances. Following that is an electric scanner and ultra-fine sandpaper to remove even the most tiny scratches in the paint before applying a five-star Brazilian wax that costs over $12,000 per can. The entire process can take as long as for 4 weeks and costs over $10,000. [via] Peep the video of Gurcharn Sahota talking about his process after the jump, Read more…

The Adult Film Industry is Gearing Up for 4G iPhone FaceTime

Just when you thought the Apple 4G iPhone had multiple advantages, the brainstorming minds in the adult industry are coming up with a way to subsidize for their lagging profits get that money. Weeks after the launch of the 4G and its FaceTime video capability, two-way sex chat services geared toward consenting adults are already in the works. [via]

I wonder if Roxy Renolds will get involved in this? what they’ll think of next?

AkShone – The Tennessee Volunteer

Pharrell Williams On Chelsea Lately

Skateboard P, fresh as always, enjoys a nice, intimate sit down with the hilarious Chelsea Handler. Off GP, Pharrell puts on the super-charm and goes at Chelsea and she is throwing it right back. The two make for quite the interesting segment. Listen as they discuss his scoring the animated film, Despicable Me, his visit with Obama and Clinton and his Alice In Wonderland themed birthday party. Also stay tuned all the way through, as Pharrell gets to cop a little feel on Miss Handler’s assets. [via]

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