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Wiz Khalifa Interviewed By Ski Beatz In London

Pittsburgh’s Wiz Khalifa and legendary Hip-Hop producer Ski Beatz crossed paths in London last week and caught up at the K West hotel for a chat, captured by SoulCulture TV, discussing how they first met and came to work together on “Scaling The Building” with Curren$y, from Ski’s 2010 album 24 Hour Karate School.

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DJ Premier & Pete Rock Visit DD172

Hip-Hop producer heavyweights, DJ Premier and Pete Rock visit DD172 for a photoshoot and kick it with Dame Dash.  They also talk music with producer Ski Beatz and listen to some of his latest production work for Mos Def.  Check it out after the jump, Read more…

Amanda Diva’s Technicolor Lover [Episode 13]

Amanda Diva is back with episode 13 of Technicolor Lover.  In this episode, Amanda’s in the studio with producer, Ski Beatz working on a track that was inspired by an old flame, which she then talks about how “douchy” rappers she’s dated were inspiration for good music.

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Dame Dash Talks Life After Roc-A-Fella

Greedmont TV presents a one-part video interview with independent multimedia mogul, Dame Dash (Founder/CEO of DD172). They had a chance to sit down and chat with Dame about his long and fruitful career as well as the Blue Roc label, Ski Beatz, signing Curren$y, the multi-media company Creative Control and the upcoming projects he is working on like the movie, “Muscle Car Chronicles” starring Curren$y and McKenzie Eddy.

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Shaheem Reid is “Talking Fly” With Curren$y (Parts 1 – 5)

With the release of his highly anticipated follow-up to Pilot Talk – Pilot 2, Curren$y talks with MTV’s Shaheem Reid about collaborating with Ski Beatz, his hypnotic lead single – “Michael Knight”, his take on fame, the assembly of the Pilot Talk series and his relationship with Wiz Khalifa and Lil’ Wayne.  This is part 1, hit the jump to see parts 2 – 5. Read more…

A Day In The Life of Dame Dash

The infamous Dame Dash lets us in on a day in his life.  His past is well documented and with the budding popularity of his New York art gallery DD172, The DD172 music movement, Nu America magazine and other moves in the making; the non-stop corporate hustler gives a glimpse into a day.  It’s not what you would think, but then again…what is?

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24 Hour Karate School Listening Party Trailer

This is the listening party trailer for Ski’s upcoming album 24 Hour Karate School dropping September 21st. The trailer is supported by Camp Lo’s track “Back Uptown” produced by Ski Beatz and featured on the album.  Tabi Bonney, Rugz D Bewler makes a cameo and few words of wisdom from Raekwon The Chef.  Check it out.