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Drake Does Chelsea Lately

Drizzy Drake stopped by Chelsea Lately last night to talk with Chelsea Handler about his new release, “Take Care“.  The two discuss his drink of choice, him being half Jewish, writing songs about women, how him and Lil’ Wayne met and his relationship with Nicki Minaj.  Hit the jump to watch it, Read more…


Allindstrom and The Source Debate The Carter IV

Last week Lil’ Wayne’s newest album The Carter 4 came out to mixed reviews, but first week sales to the tune of 964,000 copies sold. This made it the most highly talked about topic all week. So and The Source decided to get the brain trust together, stuff them all in The Source’s conference room, and press record as they let the opinions fly. So press play and listen to Combat Jack, Angela Yee, Jeff Sledge, Big D, and B. Dot all debate The Carter 4.

They talk about everything from their thoughts on the music, the sales and promotion of the album, and the rumors of record labels “fixing” the numbers. And of course they had to bring up the Watch The Throne vs Carter 4 topic. So sit back, relax, and take notes.

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C’mon Son – Episode 26

Ed Lover’s back at it again!  Giving the, “C’mon Son!” to a few people in pop culture.  Yep, Ed goes in on those people who made you look. Check it out!

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Drake’s Behind -The-Scenes Footage of OVOfest 2011

Drake and the crew of October’s Very Own release behind-the-scenes footage of last month’s OVOfest 2011.  Special appearances by Stevie Wonder, NaS, J.Cole, Rick Ross, Lil’ Wayne and The Weekend.  Check out the footage after the jump, Read more…

Bryan “Birdman” Williams Talks The YMCMB Business Model With Forbes Magazine

Cash Money Records Co-Founder/Co-Owner Bryan “Birdman” Williams talks with Zack Greenburg of Forbes Magazine about the Cash Money Records brand, it’s sub-companies, his personal net worth and the business model for all of the companies under the Cash Money Records imprint. Check out the interview after the jump, Read more…

DJ Khaled- I’m On One Official Video ft. Drake, Rick Ross & Lil Wayne

The video for “I’m On One” has finally been released from DJ Khaled that features Drake, Rick Ross & Lil Wayne.  This is clearly the hottest track of the season thus far.  Check it out.

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The Making of “I’m On One” (Shot @ Drake’s Miami Condo)

Here is the behind the scenes footage of DJ Khaled‘s latest single, “I’m On One” that features Drake, Rick Ross and Lil’ Wayne.  The video is being filmed in Drake’s Miami Condo along with scenes around the city, shot this past Memorial Day weekend.  Check it out.

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