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Chocolate Droppa vs Paul Cain

Chocolate Droppa was just trying to relax when out of nowhere Paul Cain starts throwing bars at him… and just like all the rest, Paul Cain had to learn the hard way not to f*ck with Droppa.  Fabolous even had to film this footage on his personal phone.

LOL @ the 1:14 mark, “Ugh…wake’em up”



Kevin Hart & The Plastic Cup Boyz vs The UConn Lady Huskies

Kevin Hart recently had a comedy show at the University of Connecticut and mentioned his basketball skills to the women’s basketball team.  What he didn’t know was that the gym was still open and a challenge was propositioned…and the lady Huskies accepted.  Watch what happens next…

Kevin Hart Does The Tonight Show With Jay Leno

Kevin Hart stops by The Tonight Show to talk with Jay Leno about his kids, the up-coming holiday season, partying in Vegas, 2012 and horseback riding.  Check it out after the jump, Read more…

T-Pain vs Chocolate Drop (a.k.a. Kevin Hart) in The Rap Battle

Ah, the rap battle.  A lyrical showdown between dueling emcees jockeying for approval and mutual respect; amongst the backdrop of a jeering and entertainment hungry crowd.  In one corner, the autotune resurgence innovator – T-Pain and in the other corner, grimy emcee – Chocolate Drop “The Half-Pint Hustler” also known as Kevin Hart.  Who spits the hottest fire?

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Kevin Hart Does The Conan Show With Conan O’Brien

Kevin Hart swings through The Conan Show to talk with Conan O’Brien about his comedy tour stand-up movie, Laugh At My Pain.  They talk about Kevin’s early comedic career, aspects of his stand-up, the pitfalls of his success and his recent run-in with the law.  Check it out after the jump,

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Kevin Hart Sits Down With Jennia Fredrique For Beyond The Talent

Funnyman Kevin Hart sits down to talk with Jennia Fredrique of, where he talks about being an angel, his cameo in T-Pain’s Booty Work video, how his parents influenced his early comedy aspirations and his advice for upcoming comics.

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Living The Life With JD, Kevin Hart, Nelly, Bobby Brown and Nick Cannon

Jermaine Dupri releases his latest episode of “Living The Life” while out in Miami and Los Angeles for a video shoot with comedian Kevin Hart, Hip-Hop Mogul Nelly, R&B legend Bobby Brown and Media Mogul Nick Cannon.  This is some pretty funny behind the scenes footage.  Enjoy.

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