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C’mon Son – Episode 26

Ed Lover’s back at it again!  Giving the, “C’mon Son!” to a few people in pop culture.  Yep, Ed goes in on those people who made you look. Check it out!

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Raekwon’s “Road to Release” Episode #1

DD172 & MTV Present: Raekwon’s “Road to Release” Episode #1, stay tuned for the extend version coming soon! Raekwon’s fifth solo album Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang is in stores now! Support the Chef!  Hit the jump to watch episode 1, Read more…

MTV’s When I Was 17 – Cee Lo Green Edition

Gnarles Barkley/Goodie MOB frontman, Cee Lo Green was featured on MTV’s “When I Was 17”.  Cee Lo talks about who he was as a 17-year-old, which was his love for velour jogging suits, going bald at 17, Cypress Hill being his favorite rap group at the time, his first car, how he got the name “Cee Lo Green” and the multiple jobs he had before Goodie MOB blew up after the release of Soul Food.

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MTV’s When I Was 17 – Nelly Edition

Nelly is featured on MTV’s “When I Was 17.” Nelly recalls his life growing up in St. Louis, where he excelled in baseball, football, among other sports and also his stint in petty theft.

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Kanye West – Runaway [Full-length Film]/MTV Q&A Session With Sway

Kanye West debuted his long-form music film Runaway on Saturday night. It was a dreamy mini-movie with lovely, light imagery and a heavy message — roughly speaking, people aren’t open-minded; they don’t accept what they don’t immediately understand. Take it as a metaphor for how West feels about the acceptance of not necessarily his music, but his public behavior (epitomized by the West-Taylor Swift VMA moment), and you probably wouldn’t be wrong.

It tells the story of a phoenix (played by model Selita Ebanks) who falls to Earth in front of West’s car. West, playing a version of himself, tried to introduce her to a world that mystified her, and was mystified by her.

The West-directed Runaway used a heavily saturated color palette; bright oranges, fiery reds, and lush forest-greens dominated. He lingered over his imagery, frequently slowing down the motion for us to observe the phoenix’s most causal gestures. In one bravura sequence, he included a red-dressed marching band that pulled along a giant papier-mache bust of Michael Jackson in its wake.

West has said that Runaway contains nine songs from his forthcoming album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, and supplies “visuals for all these songs that deserve videos.” [via]

Check out the Q&A session with MTV’s Sway as he talks with Kanye about the film after the jump, Read more…

Kanye West on The Ellen DeGeneres Show & MTV News Extended Play

Kanye West popped up over at The Ellen DeGeneres Show to talk about what he has been up to since “the incident” plus his new oral addition.

MTV also talks to Ye about the upcoming album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and spectators of the movie, Runaway give their opinions on the film after seeing it.

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MTV News Extended Play: Drake Edition

Drake talks with Sway of MTV about his upcoming tour, his U.S./Canadian residency, the video for Fancy, Tupac and the loss of Aaliyah.

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