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Mike Tyson Does The Conan Show

Iron Mike Tyson stops by The Conan Show to talk with Conan about his one-man show in Las Vegas called, Undisputed Truth at MGM Grand Hollywood Theater on April 13 – 18th,his methods of intimidation in the ring, his ex-wife Robin Givens and his past sexcapades.  Check it out after the jump,
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Reach Around Radio – March 19, 2012

The Reach Around Radio crew are back with another show!  They discuss the Claudia,  T-Dawg & Speedy sprint race, DJ Alwayz‘s gay club gig, Question of the day: “If  you witnessed a crime, would you report it?”.   Hot Topics including the Trayvon Martin murder case, Teeder‘s Sports Ticker, Punch TV  CEO Joseph Collins, Guess What Race, Ask  Yo Daddy and Scrambled Eggs & Pam discusses how women can keep a men from cheating.  Listen below or download HERE.

Shaq Does The Conan Show

Shaquille O’Neal drops by The Conan Show to talk with Conan about the NBA, PHD’s and KIDS.  Check it out after the jump, Read more…

Reach Around Radio – March 12, 2012

The Reach Around Radio crew are back with another show.  The show covers hot topics, question of the day: “What is the worst thing anyone has ever done to you?”, Teeder’s Sports Ticker, Guess What Race, Scrambled Eggs & Pam where they discuss the Christies’ porn ambitions; Fantasia’s baby daddy; Jamie Foxx video from TMZ; the crew and callers go all out to defend Claudia’s honor against The Breakfast Club’s “Hoe Hall of Fame” piece.  You can listen below or download the show HERE.

Chocolate Droppa vs Paul Cain

Chocolate Droppa was just trying to relax when out of nowhere Paul Cain starts throwing bars at him… and just like all the rest, Paul Cain had to learn the hard way not to f*ck with Droppa.  Fabolous even had to film this footage on his personal phone.

LOL @ the 1:14 mark, “Ugh…wake’em up”


Now That’s Just Linappropriate…

With all of the Jeremy Lin hoopla going around, I guess some people are taking it too far.  We’re not Lin-stigating though…

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Kevin Hart & The Plastic Cup Boyz vs The UConn Lady Huskies

Kevin Hart recently had a comedy show at the University of Connecticut and mentioned his basketball skills to the women’s basketball team.  What he didn’t know was that the gym was still open and a challenge was propositioned…and the lady Huskies accepted.  Watch what happens next…