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Thoughts of a Volunteer – Steven Paul Jobs

Yesterday we loss one of, if not THE visionary, innovator, creator and great thinkers of modern times.  Steve Jobs succumbed to his illness of Pancreatic Cancer.

As a young student, you read about those that created history, invention and innovation, and you seemed so far removed from that era.  Steve Jobs changed the world with his mind, vision, leadership and testicular fortitude within the last 30 years – our era. 

So we take this time to salute the man who affected the world forever and his influence will spark the next era’s minds to make their mark on technology, as well as humanity.

iAdmire. iInspired. iSad.

AkShone – The Tennessee Volunteer


Thoughts of a Volunteer – This Goes Out To You, and You, and You, Too

I haven’t experienced being a father yet and I’m looking forward to the day that comes, but I have witnessed examples of great fathers.  From my very own, to the men in my family, my personal friends, co-workers or strangers just taking their kids out for some quality time.  Fatherhood is a HUGE responsibility, a father pretty much sets the example of the type of adult a kid may grow up to be and how they, themselves will conduct their actions as parents.  Read more…

Thoughts of a Volunteer – When I Reminisce Over You…My Virginity


I was talking to my sister yesterday,  just catching up on her, my brother-in-law and the kids.  All seemed to be going well until she made the statement: 

Sister – “You know I found out your nephew lost his virginity…” 

Me – “What?!?!” 

Sister – “Yes, you heard me right.  Now, I’m trying to figure out how to handle this…I’m at least ten fifteen years away from even being old enough to be a grandmother!!!” 

Me – “But…he’s 16!!!!” 

Sister – “Uh, excuse me, but weren’t you around that age when you lost yours?” 

Me – “…why you bringing up old sh*t?” 

Read more…

Thoughts of a Volunteer – Theordore “Teddy” DeReese Pendergrass

In honor of the legend, we salute you, we will miss you and you will live on through your music…

When I think back in my days of childhood and the music my parents played at different functions or just them cleaning up the house on Saturday mornings, you were there.  I knew your music before I even knew what you looked like…I was surprised that you favored my father, so that added an additional intrigue.  As I’ve grown into a man I’ve appreciated your music even more for its passion, articulation and melody; even though I’m a child of Hip-Hop.  Through that, I had a renewed appreciation for your music (8 Ball & MJG, anyone?) and had to school dudes on your catalogue for making a panty-dropper mix.

I woke up this morning to some already disheartening news with what’s going on in Haiti and to hear of your passing really made me sad, because I was oblivious to your health issues.  I won’t harp on the obvious loss, but I will celebrate your life and your music in this post and share you with the world and familiarize you to those that aren’t.


Thank you for all that you did, Teddy P…

Theordore DeReese Pendergrass – March 26, 1950 – January 13, 2010

AkShone – The Tennessee Volunteer

Thoughts of a Volunteer – Aight then 2009


Another year gone.  For some it was a good year, for others it’s the end of a bad one.  No matter what side of the fence your year was, let 2010 be a new chance to rebuild, rediscover, refresh and  rebound.  

I want to thank all the readers that come here on a daily basis to peep the freshness and the thoughts of Bryceness and I.  We plan to make Ecstatic Freshness even better for 2010 and hope you all come along for the ride and spread the word about our blog/site. 

Being that we love music here at EF, I decided to let Ahmir take us out with a recap of 2009… 


…they left out Obama & ‘nem, ah well. 

Here’s to 2010!   

Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors and let each year make you a better man. – Benjamin Franklin 

AkShone – The Tennessee Volunteer

Thoughts of a Volunteer – Embarrassing Moments In His-story…


I'm normally such a COOL cat, really...


Embarrassing things happen to the best of us, it’s a rite of passage that everyone goes through.  I bring this up because I experienced someone having an embarrassing moment yesterday.  It got me to thinking about embarrassing moments in my life…specifically THE most embarrassing moment in my life. 

What was the embarrassment that I witnessed?  Well, I was at the gym putting my miles in on the treadmill (you know, trying to preserve my sexy) and the girl beside me had a bit of a mis-step and BAM!!! I mean, one of her shoes literally flew off!  The gym was packed, so all the surrounding people (including myself, cause I’m a gentleman like that) rushed to her aid to see if she was ok.  She agreed that she was, and admitted to being more embarrassed than hurt.  One other lady brought her the size 6 shoe that flew across the way, lol and after some reassuring we all laughed and got back on the grind. 

So, after my workout I got home and got to thinking about my most embarrassing moment…and yes I’ve had a few.  The most memorable has to do with an ebony goddess I had a crush on back in undergrad.  

I was taking summer classes that semester and I got to class pretty early on the first day, so as I was reading over the syllabus for the class and having small talk with a fellow classmate when…SHE walked in.  Well, “she” happened to be a quite popular AKA named *“Taylor” that I was goo-goo for gaa-gaa over since freshman year.  The summer humidness of the south had created a glazed shine over her mocha brown skin and I was thrilled, nervous and hopeful that she was in the class and I could possibly, somehow strike up a conversation with her and make her fall madly in love with me.  So I got to class everyday early to try and time when she came in (no stalker), so I could sit next to her to try and find my “in”. 

One day towards the end of the semester, luck was on my side and we walked in at the same time.  I threw a little small talk her way with a teaspoon of humor to make her laugh…bingo!  We ended up sitting beside one another and it just so happen to be a class participation exercise and we ended up being partners.  So, with a week being left in the semester, I didn’t have much time to close the deal and with all the other brothas keeping her attention occupied I didn’t have the opportunity, either.  Last day of class, we take the final and happen to leave out simultaneously.  We asked each other how we thought we did, a little more small talk as we walked to our cars (which happen to be parked by one another…coincidence?) and she said those words that would lead me to embarrassment.  

*Taylor: “Nice ride.  Well, have a great remaining summer…maybe; I’ll see you around in the fall.  Your name is AkShone, right?”  

Me: “Thanks…yeah, you too…I’m sure we’ll bump into each other.” (In my head I was doing the happy dance! 

Well, I had a second class to go to (that I hated for the pure fact of a not-so-attractive girl that was on me like a fungus). 

Fall semester came and I hadn’t seen her, yet.  So after class one day, I head to the ride and there is a note between the windshield wiper and the windshield.  I curiously opened it up and this is what it said: 

“Hey AkShone!  I really liked that we got to know each other in class over the summer. I think you’re really cute and smart and I would like to get to know you better outside of school. 

– *Taylor 

At this point, I’m on cloud nine! 

I couldn’t wait to see her again, so I could tell her I feel the exact same way! 

That Friday coming up, there was a greek show and her being an AKA, I knew she’d be there.  So by this point I had told my close friends (who knew about my crush on her) about the note and they were like, “Dawg, you’re in!  Yo, hook us up with her sorors when you get a chance.”   

After class that Friday, we go to the greek show…sure enough; she’s there with her sorority sisters.  So, I figured I’d go and let her know I got her note after the show ends and ask her to get a bite to eat with me.   The show ends, I walk up to her (in front of her sorority sisters, mind you…yeah, I was on a mission) across the yard from my boys.  She smiles like she knows who I am.  The conversation went as follows: 

Me: Hey *Taylor!  How was the rest of your summer? 

*Taylor:  It was…good! (Now, she’s looking at me like she’s trying to remember who I am.  Her sisters eavesdropping in the background.) 

Me: Great!  Well, I just wanted you to know that I got your note and I was feeling the same way.  I was wondering what you were doing af- 

*Taylor: Ummm…what note? 

Me: The note that you left on my ride…Wednesday. 

*Taylor: Umm, no…who are you? 

Me: AkShone, from summer school…remember.  Wait, you didn’t leave me a note? 

*Taylor: Right! I remember you now.  No sweetie, I don’t leave notes on cars (her sorority sisters giggle in the background…and others who heard the conversation). 

Me: … (Blank stare and I felt like doing this) 

That was the longest, most dreadful and heart-wrenching walk back over to my friends.  As we walk back to the library, I’m telling the fellas how things went and how I didn’t understand what just happened.  I was asking them did they just play a joke on me.  As we’re walking into the library, the not-so-attractive girl from my other class over the summer was walking out and recognized me and asked if I got her note. 

In all my focus being on *Taylor and none of it on this girl, I never even knew her name. 

It was *Taylor also… 


There you have it, folks.  Can you top that? 

AkShone – The Tennessee Volunteer aka Mr. Embarrassed-Two-Times-Within-15-Minutes 

*Editorial note – Names have been changed to protect the guilty.

Thoughts of a Volunteer – D@mn, You Fine, Funny and Smart…But We Work Together.


I'mma G and by G, I mean gangsta...of love.


Anchorman happens to be one of my favorite movies.  Ron Burgundy…he’s a G.  Why you ask?  Well, he’s at the top of his profession, he stays freshly draped (for the 70’s), he rolls with a deep crew, and he’s not afraid to state the obvious.  I bring this up because it ties into a situation that happened to me a couple of years ago and I have a buddy that is dealing with this right now.  

So, in the movie our heavily mustached hero meets the woman of his dreams, but later finds out that she is an ambitious woman with her mind set on becoming San Diego’s first lead anchorwoman.  Well, Ronnie B. (that’s his “G” name) thinks this is preposterous that she wants to be on his level and he’s not alone (again, this is the 70’s).  He just wants the woman as his “lady” and she’s the least bit interested…at first. 

I don’t want to spoil the outcome of this comedic classic (ok, maybe that’s a bit farfetched), but it speaks to a larger issue.  Being that today, women make up about 50% of employees in business, the single man in “Corporate America” at some point is going to run across the infamous FF&S woman that pales his previous blips in interest.  So what’s a brotha to do?  My personal policy has always been: 

Never dip your pen in company ink 

 But, what if she is what you’re looking for?  That is my boy’s issue.  I mean, he literally said she was the “prototype” and every man knows what that means.  

What happened in MY situation? Well, let’s just say the timing was all wrong and she accepted a position in another state, but who knows what would’ve happened had she not left.  His situation is a bit more stationary, so unless someone gets fired.  The tension will continue… 

In these cases one could either: 

  1. Think of Ron Burgundy and go after love and deal with the ramifications later.
  2. Leave the company/transfer into another department.
  3. Put two bags of ice in your boxer briefs when in close proximity of the Roxy Renold’s doppelganger.  Control your emotions!  This is your career, man!

So, has this happened to you?  What did you do?  Is it worth the risk if both people really feel a connection? 

Speak on it. 

AkShone – aka The Tennessee Volunteer