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Rosa Acosta For T.I.T.S. Brand’s Wifey Tee

T.I.T.S. Brand links back up with the beautiful Rosa Acosta for their new “Wifey” tees release; in which the Dominican goddess is photographed doing the stereotypical wifely duties around the house.  It’s something about a woman being domestic that hits to the core of men…or maybe it’s just this woman.  Anyway, check out the behind the scenes footage up top and a few stills for the Tees below.  Who wouldn’t want to come home to that…


A Preview of Rosa Acosta’s 2012 Calendar

The incredibly sexy Rosa Acosta is releasing her 2012 calendar soon and gives us a behind-the-scenes preview of the shoot.  This is the first of a series of three videos that will document the calendar; and if this is any indication of what’s to come…a couple of calendar will get sold.  Hit the jump to watch it, Read more…

Twice the Admiration – Rosa Acosta and Bria Myles Photoshoots

We pay attention to what eye candy the readers of EF like to see and these two ladies have gotten the most traffic since we’ve been keeping you up on all things “Ecstatically Fresh”.

Now, we don’t like to objectify women…because we respect them, cherish them, value their opinions and view them as viable assets to our lives…but…sometimes you just have to admire the booty beauty that they exude.  Well, Rosa Acosta and Bria Myles exude plenty, so since we you like to admire them, we thought we’d share their latest photoshoots.  Rosa’s is with Black Men’s Magazine and Bria’s is with Atlanta Dymes, so enjoy droolers readers. Read more…

Rosa Acosta – Supreme Photoshoot [EF Stamp of Approval]


I ain't no killa, but don't push me...

Now, there are women that cause a bit of heighten interest and then there are women like Rosa Acosta, who cause an uproar in my pants the male species.  We here at EF will focus on them from time to time.  This woman…is a work of art.  I’ll start first with the short stature, the petitness, the accent, the fitness, the face and those two big, luscious, brown…eyes.  I could go on and on like Badu, but here’s to you Rosa Acosta.  You get the EF Stamp of Approval and we don’t just give these out to sub-par chicks just anybody.

Bryceness – Mr. Not-So-Nice-Guy