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Jonathan Mannion @ Art Basel – Miami

NYC based photographer, Jonathan Mannion came down to Miami during Art Basel and exhibited a selection of some of his classic photographs from throughout his career. During the opening night of the three-day exhibition at AE District in Miami, which also featured a live performance by up and coming rapper ASAP Rocky and a set by DJ Clark Kent, Jonathan showed his exhibition and talked about his craft.

Ecstatic Freshness Media Group

  1. December 7, 2011 at 8:08 AM

    The homage, “Black is Beautiful” was uttered out of the recognition of the charcter inherent within our color having the ability to be scintilating in triumph and resilient in despair. There is something mesmorizing and awe inspiring about the manner in which we tranlate emotion because we do so in a manner that is symbiotic with the chemical reactions that happen througout nature. The chemical melanin within us is able to transform and convert light energy to sound energy and vice versa, giving us emotion through chemical reaciton that is constantly kinetic and manifest itself through the behaviour of our hue. It is interesting that Jonothon Mannion detects the miraculousness within us as I listen to him describe what he wants to call immaculate expressionism. His fascination with color’s splendor has to do with melanin being the perfect conductor of energy and the African vessel being the most vivacious host for such granduer. We are nature’s canvas for sensation and the muses to feeling while the world looks at us spell bound and doesn’t know why.

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