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Jay-Z 101: The Subject of Georgetown University Course

Author and educator Michael Eric Dyson is decoding the rhymes of rapper Jay-Z to teach students at Georgetown University about race, gender and poverty. Critics argue lyrics about swag, materialism, misogyny and hustle have no place in higher education. What do you think?

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  1. December 7, 2011 at 4:38 AM

    Michael Erick Dyson has embarked upon a scholastic mission that is long overdue. As Africans, we are un-harmoniously subjected to the study of Europeans and Eurocentricity, despite the disadvantageous paradigm it confronts us with. We are learning to laud the people who consider us three fifths a human being and criminal fixated dimwits. These are the same people who, in thought or in deed, have tried to erase us from the earth or the annals of history. It behooves or DNA to study the people who have struggled amidst the American purgatory on people of color in hopes that as it intensifies, we galvanize through the intelligence we’ve learned from our exemplars. Jay-Z is the perfect dichotomy stricken icon for such a study because he is beset with appeasing, yet again, the American system that rejected his very being since birth, while understanding that it is his birthright to excel in the face of racisms dastardly machinations. So at times his is part coon/part trailblazer, part caricature/part statesman. White people who disagree with his import on American sociological culture are the same people that think Barak is a charismatic charlatan instead of a brilliant world leader.

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