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Patrice O’Neal Remebered

We’ve been on a brief sabbatical for the holidays, and yesterday I heard the devastating news of comedian Patrice O’Neal passing away at the young age of 41.  Patrice isn’t a household name per se, but if you are a true fan of the art of comedy and the occupation of comedian then you would probably agree that he can be mentioned among the greats…yes, those greats (Pryor, Carlin, Chappelle, Murphy, Rock, Seinfeld). 

The word genius is thrown around wistfully like a game of catch between father and son, but this dude’s comedy was just that…genius.  His points of view on a myriad of subjects are nothing short of profound and hilariously funny.  The stand-up is thought-provoking, insulting, in-your-face, misogynistic and real, but to hear him in regular conversation is where the actual gems are.  So, as a tribute to the man and his comedy, I wanted to share one of the best interviews I’ve heard with him that truly defines who he was as a person and also as a comedian.   This is his interview with Marc Maron, check it out HERE

If you’re not too familiar with him, listen to this interview, check out his last comedy special, “Elephant In The Room” and then go to YouTube type in his name and listen to all of the footage that’s there…you won’t be sorry. 

We lost one of the greats yesterday…for real.  Rest in peace, big man.

AkShone – The Tennessee Volunteer

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