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Malcolm Fontier Mojito Slim Wallet & iPhone Case

If you’re like me and have a multitude of things you need to carry and keep organized, sometimes this becomes a bit of a conundrum. The least you could do is have something for the bare necessities when it comes to wallet contents, right? You don’t want to just have your loose change, Drivers ID, Debit Card and BIG FACE HUNNNEEEEDS a wad of crumpled up money…that’s just not fly. Well, Malcolm Fontier created a modern solution to an age-old problem for your wallet as well as your iPhone.  The Mojito Slim Wallet and Mojito iPhone Case are two handy products for men on the go. They are available in a variation of colors and priced at $25 & $35 respectively.  You can cop’em HERE.

AkShone – The Tennessee Volunteer

  1. February 24, 2011 at 8:01 PM

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