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3DD: A 3-D Celebration of Breasts

Fashion photographer, NYC based Henry Hargreaves has created an assemblage of beautiful images of the female form in a unique way—in 3D. And as you’ll see in the enclosed book, 3DD is every inch what its subtitle promises: A 3D celebration of breasts. The exceptional models in 3DD appear in third dimension when viewed through the included special glasses using the classic (but newly again popular) process of anaglyph imaging. As a gift or a keepsake, 3DD will be treasured by anyone with an appreciation of the classic art of the nude female form. Click HERE to purchase. [via]

I know what you’re saying.  Where’s the book for guys that like the lower regions of women?  Well, surprisingly you can buy that book HERE and it’s called, The Big Butt Book by Dian Hanson, but regretfully it’s not in 3D.

With the subjects at hand, I guess it’s not impossible to think someone published books about our fascination with the female form…

AkShone – The Tennessee Volunteer

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