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Cardboard Kicks By Mike Leavitt

I’ve always admired shoes for their artistic merit and growing up I always thought it’d be cool to display some of my favorites in glass boxes around the house when I was older.  Sculptor Mike Leavitt has also recognized the artistic merits of sneakers and fashions cardboard sculptures out of some of our favorite kicks.  I’d love to have a couple to throw up on the mantle, but like most things with art in the title buying one of these will set you back $500.

Yep, you read that right. Although, when you think about how much some of these can go for on ebay or a sneaker con, that price doesn’t sound too far outta line. Plus you don’t have to pretend you like them when showing them off.  If you’re the ambitious type, you can purchase a template of the Jordan IV or Chuck Taylor from Mark’s website. Those will only set you back $100.  [via] For now, check out some of his work after the jump,

Bryceness – Mr. Not-So-Nice Guy

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