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When Did Halloween Turn Into “Bootyween”?

I hope you all had a festive Halloween this past weekend, I know I did.  I went to two parties with my boys and a party with my girlfriend (she’ll come into this later) and I’ve noticed something for maybe the past 5 years or so that is perpetually happening.  Now, before I say this…it’s a good thing…f*ck that, it’s a great thing, but it’s something I didn’t really notice until a conversation with my boys came up at said party.  By the pictures you see where I’m going, right?

It seems like Halloween has turned into a reason for women to just straight slut it out when it comes to costumes…yeah I said it!!!  That meek and bashful little temp in accounting?  Well, she was dressed as the “Head” nurse this past weekend driving kats crazy with her five-inch heels, low-cut top and high-cut skirt tight enough that here areolas are peeking out of her top like a kid hoisting himself up to peek over a gate!  The cute college co-ed cashier at Starbucks that you buy your Latte from every morning on the way to work?…sexy Minnie Mouse sexpot costume.

Again, this is great!  I love seeing this, but I was just wondering has this become the norm and I was just oblivious to this (I doubt that…I notice everything when it comes to women).  While I was at the parties with my boys, we noticed that it downright became a competition of which girl could go sluttier!  Oh, she’s a dominatrix, well check out the sexy devil…wait, look at the chick that’s a mermaid…how does she keep those sea shells on those tig ol bitties?  Is that chick supposed to be Eve (Think the bible, not the rapper…) with leaves covering her “cash & prizes”.

Now getting back to my girl, she wanted me to go to a party with her, but more for protection because of what she wanted to wear for her costume (granted, my girl has a nice body…I don’t mind what she wears within reason) which was a tiger…nah, not on some cute painted face and baggy tiger suit get up…we’re talking Playboy mansion party…a “Tigress” as she puts it.  Her friends were planning on wearing something equally seductive.  At this point I’m like, “What’s with the nakedness that Halloween has turned y’all into?”.  She said it’s due to this being the only time where women can dress this way without some dude trying to make it rain on them and get away with it without someone thinking anything of it, “Plus it makes me feel sexy…”, she said.

I don’t know…and yep, I went.  No way I’m letting her go some place dressed like that without me, plus I like sh*t like that.  What did I go as?  I went as Wacka Flocka RUN DMC, I know it sounds boring, but I threw in a twist…I was half Rev Run and half Darryl Mac.  Anyway, am I the only one to notice this new “Bootyween” movement or are we just so used to seeing scantily clad women that we’ve grown accustomed to expecting this on Halloween?

Bryceness – Mr. Not-So-Nice Guy a.k.a. 4th Runner Up Winner in Amad’s 2010 Halloween Costume Contest


  1. November 2, 2010 at 1:35 PM

    You definitely have a point! I did see some wild and stimulating costumes this past weekend. I kinda agree with your girl, though. I’ve heard plenty women say that it’s the only time they can let that side out publicly. No comlaints from me, though…kinda makes me look forward to it.


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