LRG Presents Backstage with 9th Wonder [Full Series]

LRG takes you back stage at the annual A3C Hip-Hop Festival in Atlanta, Georgia. A3C stands for All Three Coasts and showcases the best independent hip-hop artists from all over the country. LRG was lucky enough to sit down with one of hip hops most prolific and gifted minds, super producer 9th Wonder. This is a three-part series, that takes not only Hip-Hop’s temperature but America’s and it’s perception of the culture as a whole. 9th is asked three questions that are sure to leave everyone with some serious food for thought. Watch as 9th Wonder takes us to school and drops some serious knowledge on the state of hip-hop today.  Hit the jump to watch parts 2 & 3. 

In this second installment of LRG’s backstage pass video series with 9th Wonder, 9th sheds some light on Black History and Reaganomics. Sit back and listen as 9th exposes the corrupt New York city school system for pulling the funding out of arts programs and investing in dogs to deter graffiti artists from painting trains.

For the third and final installment of LRG’s backstage interview with 9th Wonder, they ask “What is this hip hop thing”? Watch as 9th breaks down the dichotomy of hip-hop and our society’s attempt to commercialize this beautiful art form. 9th Wonder states that, “ Hip-hop is not for everybody…”. Watch.

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