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Understand Rap Book by William Buckholz

The growth of Hip Hop music on a whole has introduced the world to some of the few great artistic minds of the last half century. While not every one who gets in the booth can be called an uncanny lyricist, some such as the late great Notorious B.I.G., 2Pac Shakur and living legend Jay-Z, can definitely be put under the umbrella of the truly talented. But over the years, there have been quite a few who have come along only to leave a mark not as impressive but entertaining none the less. Enter Seattle-based freelance writer William Buckholz whose book is a very funny pop-cultural reference book based on the website of the same name, which precisely explains the confusing lyrics and terms used in rap songs using language that even the most un-hip person can understand. The juxtaposition of a dry, academic tone with hip-hop terminology results in a book that’s as entertaining as it is informative. Available here. [via]

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