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Sakara Ross King Photoshoot – [EF Stamp of Approval]

It’s been a minute since we bestowed the honor of the EF Stamp of Approval upon an intelligent, lovely, classy and sexy young lady around these parts (again…it’s a process) and we always take our time when choosing the woman to give this title to.  This time, model Sakara Ross gets “The Stamp”.

She’s worked with some of the industry’s best.  Providing classic southern beauty and a confident demeanor that helped magazines disappear from the newsstands.  Sakara Nicole Ross is from Nacogdoches, Texas; she is track and field meets beauty pageants and talent shows.  She currently lives in Houston while diligently balancing her modeling career and studies at the University of Houston where she also joined the champion track and field team.  She also travels between Houston and Los Angeles finishing school, reading a host of scripts and gearing up for her first Hollywood debut. Stay tuned for more information and updates on the beautiful Ms. Sakara Ross, for now check out some shots and video from her shoot with King Magazine for their latest issue.  Check it out after the jump,

Do yourself a favor and check out her website here.  The track and field photos are proof enough of why we chose her…wow.

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